Monday, 24 September 2012

Drchatgyi Favourite

What does Ko Chatgyi like?

Last a few decade, Ko Chatgyi from a village like Htwe Nyo, like this style.
He likes every beautiful girls in his village.

What does drchatgyi like?
   He like every sexy girls like this.
How do you feel if you see the gap between two breast?

If you see the sexy gap between the breast atleast 10 mins a day, you will be very healthy.

The more you see the breast, the more you are healther.

This is drchatgyi favourite.

Read about Ko Chatgyi.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ko Chat Gyi

The name "Chat Gyi" looks familar to me since my childhood.
Aww! I see, it is the name from Ton Tay Thein Tan's song, "Ko Chat Gyi".

He is really helpful person in his village.
He always involve in every donation in his village.
He helps everybody.
But, he is very poor.
He secretly loves a beautiful lady in his village but she does not love him because he is poor.

He is really poor and honest guy in Ton Tay Thein Tan's song.


Now, he become dr.chatgyi and really popular nickname on online.

Ha Ha, Great!

Congratulation Ko Chat Gyi

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Hello Everybody,
   Welcome to Dr.Chat Gyi